Of Love and Lies (Unofficial title) chapters

Chapter 1 – My Best Plan… Part 1

All it’s going to take is the right time, I think to myself, making sure to keep balance between my dresses as I hide inside a stuffy wardrobe. What great timing it is to know that Dorian would be preoccupied with hosting a party for a royal couple and their guests from the Far East. This opportunity couldn’t get any better. Being locked in a tower is not glorious or romantic. Since there is no white knight coming to my rescue, I decide to execute a plan of my own.

With the door of the wardrobe ajar enough to peek out, I watch the bedroom door and wait for that right person who will unknowingly and involuntarily assist me. In a timely manner, the door opens and a young maid minces into the room with a meal tray. Her back is turned to me when she sets the tray down on a table nearby the wardrobe and I get my corset strings ready. Right when she looks up and sees me missing, I jump out of the wardrobe and tackle her.

The maid dress is a bit tight around my waist, but the head and face wrap are all I care about. On my bed in her undergarments, the hog-tied maid is sobbing and letting out muffled cries through the cloth tied around her mouth. Knowing what kind of consequences she will endure when the next maid discovers her here and not me, I feel a bit guilty, but her life is simple. Mine isn’t.

Tossing the bed sheets over her, I make the final adjustments on the face wrap as I walk toward the door. Taking a deep breath and straightening my back, I grab the door handle and open the door to catch the backs of two armed guards standing on each side of the door. Performing the much practiced mannerisms of a maid, I bow my head to the floor with hands in front. After gently closing the door, I observe a pair of armored feet shift toward the door and hear the door knob lock while the other pair remains in place. Bowing to each of them, I maintain my excitement with a smirk under the face wrap as I tread down the spiral staircase toward the hallway. Everything is going just right.

The servants have hidden passageways throughout the castle that lead to the location un-inventively titled, Servants Hall. In the kitchen, there is a door exiting out to the farmland and not too far are the stables where my beloved white mare, Grace, remains captive.

At the end of the spiral staircase, I enter out into a small pathway of a T-shaped staircase that leads down to the hallway that is perpendicular of the Main Hall. The other end of the hall is another T-shape staircase that has a hidden door that leads to the kitchen. I peer around and find some maids dusting the oil lamps and some sweeping the floor. There are others replacing old flowers with new ones in medium-sized vases that rest on waist-high marble columns. As I jog my memory of which side of the staircase has a hidden passageway, a maid enters out into the hall from the left side with a basket of lilies and orchids.

After the question was conveniently answered for me, I discretely make my way down the stairs and head toward the other staircase, keeping my hands in front and head to the floor. I doubt anyone noticed me as I reach for the door and move inside.

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