Chocolate-Influenced Short Stories

Check Out My White Mustang!

After going to bed about 2:30am, this is the dream I have:

I wake up in my bedroom and I’m excited because it is the first day as a senior in high school. Being a typical girl, I take forever getting ready: putting on the right amount of makeup, adjusting my hair over and over, and being conflicted on which outfit I want to wear. Because of this, I look at the alarm and see that I have delayed for so long that I missed the bus.

Next best option: I take my car. This would have been a great way to get to school if I didn’t get lost in a suburban area. Not only was I lost, my car randomly breaks down, as in it suddenly breaks into tiny hunks of metal that litters everywhere in the street. Checking the clock on my phone, I know I am super late and become frantic.

Next not-so-awesome option: I start running.
I run. I run. I run. Then I see a red house that has a white horse in the backyard. Without even thinking about it, I jump on the horse, ignoring the angry old man shouting at me, and somehow make it to school on time. Everyone thought I was really cool. As I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame, the cops and the old man show up at the school. The old man demands for his horse and when I point to where I had the horse, it was gone.

So this starts a long search for the stupid horse and I am freaking out that I am going to get arrested. Somewhere during that time period, someone recommends that we were return to the old man’s house to see if the horse returned there.

Sure enough, not only did we find the horse but it was accompanied with two other horses. Strangely, they were all on their sides taking a nap and they were spooked when we walked into the yard.

Moral of the story: I’m happy I already graduated high school.



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