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Amateur Novelist Needs Your Help!!

Hello everyone!

Ever finally had the guts to take on that leap of faith and start on something you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe it’s finishing your degree, becoming your own boss, or even train to be a professional yodeler? I’m making a daring move to become a novelist!

Here is where I need your help. I have been working on this novel for several years now and I have finally got to begin my second and third sequels to the series. If you, WordPress friends, would do me the honor of reading a sample of my work and giving me your critique, I would greatly appreciate it.

What is it about? A political twist between three kingdoms set in an era that is mixed between the Renaissance and Victorian period. A former young princess named Emily Maldorn is held captive in what was once her home and now her prison by a man she thought she could trust. What makes her situation more complicated is that everyone believes she is dead, except for Dorian, ruler of her kingdom, and a select few. Strong and determined to regain her life again, she uses her cunning abilities to find ways of escaping as well as gain allies who can assist her.

It doesn’t take long for moles in kingdom to figure out she is alive and rumors begin to spread between countries, especially around the Quincarnon kingdom, a sworn enemy to her and her late family. Even in her prison, she must fight to stay alive.

The story is full of politics, betrayal, assassinations, threats of war, and love. Why was she kept alive? What kind of history do Dorian and Emily have? What exactly happen to her family that led her to becoming an orphan? Who is the spy revealing the secrets of her existence to the enemy kingdom?

Here is a sample of the first part of Chapter 1 and I will post the rest later. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1- My Best Plan… Part 1

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