Brain Farts

Ermehgawd! Finally!


Yippee! Woohoo! Whooray! Booyakah!!!

Why the excitement? What you see before you is my story outline for the novel I have been working on. I’ve grown so tired of trying to remember all the awesome events and character build-up that I needed a solution. I tried typing it up but it grew frustrating because I would be flipping through the pages and trying to figure out how one change in this event affected a previous or future event. Afterwards, I would have to scribble all over the papers and retype the damn pages associated with the change.

Gah! So annoying! I took this to a whole new level and tada! My solution to my problem. I’m super relieved at how much easier this process has become. Need to make changes or add scenes? Boom! Scribble up new notes or add new ones at the same time.

Now to start typing. Can someone bring me coffee and chocolate chip poptarts? 🙂

One thought on “Ermehgawd! Finally!

  1. Well that seems like a perfectly logical solution. If only I could apply that solution to real life. That table looks strangely familiar.

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