Chocolate-Influenced Short Stories

This Party Is Out of This World!

ImageAfter chugging a bottle of Hersey’s chocolate milk and reading ebooks from my Kindle, I fell into a deep sleep and journeyed to my alternate universe:

My world begins where I’m throwing a backyard party and tons of people show up. There are beer, food, and oddly Playstation consoles from the first one to the latest one. We have them set up so we could play different types of game while getting drunk and having a good time.

Apparently, we weren’t alone.

Next thing you know, everyone is surrounded by Aliens, like the 1979 film, and they demand for all of our Playstation consoles. I’m thinking, “Crap this sucks,” but I want them to take what they want so they could leave us alone. Therefore, we give them up.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing they wanted. They also want all of our beer which we had stock piles of it in the kitchen. How anyone got in there was beyond me. The aliens were more than happy to take the cases and the consoles, push us into the house, and they took over the party like a bunch of teenagers drinking for the first time.

Moral of the story: is it beer before liquor or liquor before beer that doesn’t make you sick?


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