Brain Farts

Best Quote Of The Month Goes To…

As of today, I’ve become highly stressed about my book I’ve been working on for the past two years. There were a few scenes I had to replace because the original ideas seemed a bit farfetched. The changes occur almost at the beginning of the story and now I’m in panic-overdrive, already assuming my whole story idea sucks.

I shared these thoughts with my younger brother while we were in the kitchen preparing dinner. After I whimpered about my insecurities with the story, my brother nonchalantly finished a fruit juice drink box and responded:

“Don’t sink the ship before it has a chance to sail.”

Wow! Enough said. After he explained why I needed to give my story a chance, I felt a lot better.

Writing a book is like trying to get prettied up for a high school crush who doesn’t know you exist. You have to get the crush to notice you for your own uniqueness.

And I plan for that crush to ask me out! Or publishing company so to speak…. hahaha!

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