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Is That What I Think It is?!

Oh my goodness, my WordPress friends!!! I found the most amazing thing on my way home a few hours ago: a Keurig!!!!!!

No, I’m not kidding. Someone had placed a Keurig near the side of the road. As a chronic coffee-holic, I’ve been dying for one of these. Like a giddy kid finding a stray puppy, I hauled that bad boy home to clean it up.

The biggest thing I was worried about with this single-cup coffee maker was whether it would turn on or not, especially since I found it after a severe thunderstorm hit our area. Taking that leap of faith, I plugged it into an outlet and…..



The next thing I did was unscrew the bottom so I can inspect the inside. I wanted to see if anything was damaged, such as water corrosion, frayed wires, or even bugs because of the rain. So far, everything appears to be in good condition.

ImageAfter an hour of good cleaning, the Keurig looks almost new. Later, I will be testing the brewing system and will update everyone on the results. I’m crossing my fingers that there’s nothing wrong with it. I really, really, REALLY hope it works well. Wish me luck!!!


4 thoughts on “Is That What I Think It is?!

  1. Maybe someone was moving and didn’t pack the trailer too well, so when they hit a bump it fell off. Now it’s yours! I hope it works well!

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