Sweet & Sour Poetry

The Seduction of Music



The secret into unlocking my creative soul,
That which it is floating in my heart
Urging to sing into eager ears
And dance before your very eyes.

Music entices my imagination
My imagination takes on a form like no other
It’s my vision and it’s my world
It’s my love and it’s my child

The creative soul breaks from its cocoon,
Memorized by the tender rhythm of music
Stretching its colorful, intangible wings
Its heart pounds to the beat of music

Music invites my creative soul for a dance,
Like a flower and its bee
To collaborate and birth something unique,
Beautiful, magical, and/or surreal

Nothing inspires me more than music
I can listen for hours and see new worlds,
Different stories born from my imagination
Music is absolutely wonderful

What inspires you?

***If you are interested in what I was listening to when I wrote this, here is the song and its link***
Awolnation – Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)


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