Sweet & Sour Poetry

Nothing Manlier Than American Football


Helmets, body pads, and cleats
Pig skins and laces
Weeks of training camps
Memorizing strategies and plays


Only so many are recruited
Talent and skills are a must
Strong bodies ready for a fight
Ready to storm that 100-yard field


Thousands travel to support
Tailgating, jerseys, and war paint
From poster boards to costumes
We cheer and shout for our beloved team


Tackle and sack the competition
Fight for first of their division
Battle their way through playoffs
Super Bowl rings, the ultimate prize


I love American Football and one team
Red, Black, and White
Residing in Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Falcons, RISE UP!


***Photos taken and edited by Molly Greye. Canon T4i.***

2 thoughts on “Nothing Manlier Than American Football

    • It is lots and lots of fun! Strangers become like best friends to me when we all gather together and root for the same team. I cannot wait for this football season 😀

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