Chocolate-Influenced Short Stories

That Journal Of Mine

Shuffling over a pile of notebooks I have kept since I was a preteen, I discovered a small journal I immediately recognized as my Dream Journal. I purchased this journal when I was a freshman in high school with the soul purpose to record my dreams, which varied between simple life and to the most far-fetched fantasy.


Ten years later I read this pages and think, “Did I really write this sober? Teenage hormones were much trippier than I remember.” But I wasn’t crazy; I was merely a book-smart, boy-crazy, rebellious teenager with a terrible fashion sense who had (and still has) a very big imagination and vast creativeness .

From the top to bottom, the Chinese characters on the gold fabric cover are Desire, Image, and Strength. The back of the front cover states “most Chinese characters are complete words that when joined create new words and meanings….The three characters combined make up the word Imagination.” Imagination is defined in this journal as:

“The ability to see what you want, and the strength to make it happen.”

The way I see it: I desire to become a published author. I imagine the stories I want to write and share with others. I will use my strength to write these books and stay strong against doubt. I will use my imagination to transfer my thoughts unto paper and take the necessary steps to meet this goal.

I will be dissecting this journal for the next few days and figure out which ones I decide to share. Some already have me giddy and others rueful. Stay tuned, WP friends!

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