Chocolate-Influenced Short Stories

Nothing, She Cried

***Dream/Nightmare on 7/15/13. I had woken up several times throughout the night being restless and I assume this dream was a result from that. ***

The plumpy full moon illuminates the cloudless night sky, showering its light over a particular small suburban area. Its rays stretch across the neighborhood toward a cul de sac surrounded by a handful of cookie-cutter homes. The rays continue down and embrace a blue house founded on the right corner end of the cul de sac. At the back of it, the curious rays discover a curtain-less, four paned window and flow inside to find a young girl sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Crunching sounds from outside wake the girl up. Rubbing her eyes, she sits up in her bed and gazes at the golden rays of moonlight flowing down to the floor from her window. A few minutes of silence passes. She shakes her head in relief, assuming that what she heard was nothing and tucks back into bed.

Crunching sounds occur again and this time, the girl grew nervous. On the opposite side of the room, the moonlight imprints an outline of the square window panes onto the blank, pale wall. She stares at it, wondering what is making that noise.

A few minutes go by. Now there is rustling in the bushes beneath her window. The girl grips her blanket tightly against her cheeks; her heart pounding against her chest. A silhouette appears and the girl jumps with fright, darting immediately under the covers.


Surprised by the sound, the girl slowly peeks out toward the window. It was simply a cat sitting on the shelf of the window. Nothing to be afraid of after all. How could she have forgotten about the small group of cats that live in her neighborhood?

The cat takes a giant leap off the pane and disappears. Until…


The abrupt slamming sound terrifies the girl to a near heart attack. A large silhouette nearly consumes the window and peeks inside the room. She freezes in shock when she sees a man wearing a black hat and holding a sledgehammer standing outside her window. His face is concealed by a dark grey mask; his trench coat and rest of his clothes are mix-and-matched with black and dark grey.


Her jaw drops to scream but no sound escapes. No matter how much she tried to scream for help, naming off her father and brothers to come save her, only whispers release from her vocal cords.

She was recently diagnosed with laryngitis.

The intruder returns to heaving his hammer against the window, slowly making cracks in the center of it. The girl sobs profusely as he smashes away bits of the glass. Pieces of glass shards fly across the room and litter the carpet.

Without giving it much thought, the girl grabs her alarm clock sitting on her dresser and pitches it at the window. The crashing sound spooks the intruder and he quickly disappears. The impact of the alarm broke some of the window. With him gone, she took a second to breathe.

But he returns before a minute could pass.

Too frighten to move, the girl watches helplessly as the dangerous man winds his arms back as far as he could with the hammer. That moment she knew the man was finally going to break in. In one powerful swing, the sledgehammer smashes through the window and the sound of glass breaking blares in her ears.

Then a surge of blinding light fills the room, and the girl quickly shields her eyes with her blanket, screaming her soundless cries.

Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp!

The girl’s eyes snap open.  She sits up on her bed and looks around. The window isn’t broke and it shows that it’s a sunny day outside. She turns toward the clock to see what time it was. It was 8:36 in the morning. Taking a deep sigh of relief, she swings her legs to the side of the bed to dig her feet into her bedroom slippers. As she does so, she notices something next to her dresser.

It’s the sledgehammer.

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