Sweet & Sour Poetry

What We Had Was Just That…Had

Hey girly
Remember in fifth grade
You were the first
Best friend I ever made?

The other kids made fun of
My sweat pants and sloppy hair
The shy, fat girl
That nobody could care

You broke my shyness
And made me a stronger girl
You and I became two peas in a pod
We were the ultimate best friends in the world

We’re both military brats
You and your family moved away
We both grew up to become young, lovely ladies
And we always managed to say, “Hey.”

But something happened
Maybe it was the distance
You were having family problems
You never wanted to be complacent

You met a guy, then another
And many more
I love you to pieces
But did you know you were called the barracks whore?

Your personality continued to change
Not saying that mine didn’t either
But when I wanted to fly over to visit
You never seemed truly eager

I never thought that after eight years
On the birthday you turned twenty
What would break us apart
Was unfortunately envy

Why you were envious of me
I will never know
You were always in competition with me
Always had to have the better show

You wanted to get married first
Get out of a country you called crappy
You were pregnant months before your wedding
You seemed truly happy

As for the wedding
I couldn’t and still can’t believe
You invited me and the next day, uninvited me
I remember holding that phone in disbelief

When you started disrespecting me
Calling me a bitch whenever
You saw a pretty picture of me
Saying I look like your ex’s heifer

Playing so many mind games
“I’m your friend.” And stop talking to me again
I like to see the best in people
But girl, whatever we had left, I put it to an end

I miss you
Miss the good person you once were
The best friend now MIA
I hope you are doing well in your world


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