Sweet & Sour Poetry

Oh..Oh…That Did Not Just Happen

Stupid hoe!
You are so aggravating,
Don’t you know what you are good for?
Stop acting so high and mighty,
If it wasn’t for us, you’d be on the floor

Stupid hoe!
Probably somewhere hanging alone,
Wishing for dirty work.
Only can’t because you’re so flimsy,
Hoe, you need some rework

Stupid hoe!
Stopping being so cheap,
And do a proper job.
It’s so frustrating trying to get anything done,
I got blisters that painfully throb.

Stupid hoe!
Just break it up
And get rid of the weed.
Help me with this garden,
Then I’ll forgive you for this good deed.

Stupid garden hoe…. I think it’s time to go to Home Depot


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