Brain Farts

Younger Molly Greye’s Notebooks


“Mini Molly’s Notebooks.”

Do you remember your first notebook? Or at least have your old ones you used to write into during your childhood? I do and I still have most of them.

I had so freakin’ many as a kid. There are some that have never been written in because I thought the covers were so cool and I wanted them to keep their  “virginity.”

The free time I had as a kid was spent on writing. Whatever genre you can think of, I went for it. It was a process of elimination to discover which genre I was best at. Adventure and romance were the winners with humor as a runner-up.

There was a lot of reminiscing when I browsed through the pages of each notebook. The time period of when I wrote these stories were between my middle school and high school years. The books themselves are not only filled with short stories, drawings and poetry. My childhood history are in them too. My goals and dreams, some that still hold to this day, were interlaced into each fiction: finding true love, traveling the world, and living life to its fullest. Most of my short stories were straight up cheesy romance. It’s kinda adorable and made me “Aw..” a few times.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make a new category called Mini Molly’s Tales and share the work of my younger years. You can like or laugh at how good or terrible the stories are. I already had plenty of WTF moments followed with lots of embarrassed laughing. Expect one some time today!


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