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Oh My! You Are So Strong, Mr. Coppocofee.

Nothing quite starts my day like being woken up by something dark and handsome, beckoning me with its sweet aroma and its urge to warm my body.

Meet: Mymornen Coppocofee aka my morning cup of coffee.

If there is something I need every morning, it’s definitely my cup of coffee. From being a full-time undergrad student, managing my eBay account (my “at-home job”) to writing my book and constantly updating my blog, I depend on Mr. Coppocofee to jump start my day.

Years ago, I was never a coffee drinker. It tasted icky to me. I thought I could solve all of my low energy problems with soda and LOTS of it. That’s how I met my first kidney stone. Ermehgawd, the pain… I have never forgotten the excruciating pain of “giving labor” to one. Amen to Lortab! Because of that, I hardly drink soda but when I do, it’s always a delicious, neon-green, carbonated goodness known as Mountain Dew.

Since then, I have turned to coffee and let me tell you: once you have Mr. Coppocofee, you never turn back. If coffee flavors were like clothes, he has a ton of them. My favorite type is Puerto Rican coffee. Yummy, yummy, yummers!  But if you don’t like coffee, then I got nothing for you except this cute drawing I made.

Sketch 2012-09-08 13_22_11

Artist rendition of Mr. Coppocofee and me.

Oh, Mr. Coppocofee, I would never be able to accomplish anything without you!

2 thoughts on “Oh My! You Are So Strong, Mr. Coppocofee.

  1. Mr. cuppocofee is also the love of my life! I’m typically a one man kinda woman, and I expect the same from him, but if he’s going to have an affair, I’m glad its with someone as witty as you! Loving your blog!

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