Sweet & Sour Poetry

The Day My Computer Breaks Up With Me

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Without a computer…

No more surfing the Internet
From sun up to late night
No more logging into Facebook
Or other social media sites

No more Microsoft Office
No more updates against Malware
No video gaming
Not even Solitaire

Without a computer…

I would take more sunny walks
I would read more novels
I would carry a notebook
And document life’s marvels

I would travel to foreign places
And photo the beauty of nature
I would try different meals
Outside of frozen dinners


I don’t have the time to travel
Nor do I have the dough
Therefore my computer can virtually
Take me to places I want to go

Being an adult is busy life
On the other hand
My computer is my co-writer
It and I have many stories planned

15 thoughts on “The Day My Computer Breaks Up With Me

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    • I know that very feeling but it has changed a bit when I went to visit my family in Puerto Rico. No computer and no internet for a week and half. It was rough for this techie-addict but I finally remembered what it was like to live without one. It’s wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t do it again any time soon 🙂

    • Thank you! This topic idea definitely opened my eyes to how deep of a relationship I have with my computer. I’m glad it can’t talk back because I can imagine the awkward break-up scene: “Hey computer, I need some space.” “There’s a space bar on the keyboard.” “Actually, that’s not what I meant.” “Oh…”

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