Sweet & Sour Poetry

Stupidity Should Be Classified As A Mental Disorder

Stop the discrimination
At the ones with mental illnesses
Love and support; stop hate
They deserve our attention

Don’t compare every mental patient
To all psychos on the news
Many people do get help and become better
And there are some who just refuse

Before you act above them
You better get yourself checked
We are all born human
And no one is born perfect

When people hear the word, ‘mental illness’
They immediately think straight-jacket nuts
Did you know Autism is a mental illness
No? Then keep your ignorant mouth shut.

Just because someone has to take meds
Doesn’t make them crazy or incapable of living
I know some “crazy” people who work hard
Give more respect and love than “normal” human beings

Too confused or scared to understand
I’ve seen “friends” abandon mentally-sick friends
True friends have stayed behind to support
Commendable, real friends who stay and defend

Anyone can have a mental illness
You may not realize you have a mental disorder
Depression, alcoholism, OCD,
Even dyslexia is a mental disorder

Let’s destroy the stigma that mental disorders
Make a person insane and should be outcast
Let’s bring awareness and give support
And dump that horrible stigma into the trash


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