Sweet & Sour Poetry

Timeline of Childhood Shows


Steamboat Willie 1928


Growing up, I love TV
And watched many kid shows.
From old school to the latest
Many favorites I’m sure you know.

I watched Barney,
Reading Rainbow, Droopy,
Mr. Rogers, Tom and Jerry
And Hong Kong Fuey.

Rocky and Bullwinkle
Smurfs and Looney Tunes,
The Jetsons and Flintstones,
Popeye and Scooby Doo.

Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear
Care Bears and Jabberjaw,
The Magic School Bus and Gumby
Oh how I miss them all.

Dexter’s Lab and Hey Arnold,
Sailor Moon and Justice League,
Captain Planet and Doug Funny,
Batman the Animated Series.

So many more I would name
But not that many together will rhyme.
Tell me what was your favorite
Childhood show of your time?


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