Sweet & Sour Poetry

“Because A Cat’s The Only Cat Who Knows Where It’s At.”

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster
Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Monster, oh no!

There is only one
That makes me green
A cat name Leo.

Hello dear Leo,
My sweet but
Spoiled brat.

Let this lady tell you
What you do that
Makes her snap.

Your own ‘place,’
Cans of food,
Baggies of catnip.

Tons of toys,
Warm baths, and
Getting nails clipped.

You poop and pee
In a plastic box and
Somehow I dig out mountains.

You sleep all day and
Run rampant at night,
Annoying the hell out of us.

Please stop scratching
Up the furniture
And use the damn post.

I love that you know
How to fetch but
I didn’t throw a roach!

No bills to pay,
No need for a car,
Or even a credit score.

Your sweet life
I provide but, geez,
It can be a chore.

I wanna be a cat
And be cute, furry
And cuddly all day.

But I’m glad
I saved you
From being a stray.

Wait, what’s that?
Fine, silly kitty
I’ll scratch your back.

Just do me a favor
And give your mommy
Some slack.

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