Sweet & Sour Poetry

Better Than A Disney Story

Walking along in a vibrant city,
A piece of paper pounces my feet.
Picking it up, it’s slim and crumbled
Nothing more than a receipt.

There was something written on it
And I immediately shouted “Whoa!”
It read, Molly, I was wondering
Do you like me? Check yes or no.

“But who is this from?” I ask
“Could I know before I sign?”
Like magic, a sexy man appears
Holy shit, it’s Chris Pine!

“Oh god yes!” I squealed
We run into each other’s arms
Fireworks burst out into the air
A marching band sounds the alarms

Kiss, “I do’s,” and confetti explosion,
Chris and I fist-pump down the aisle
Everyone is dancing and cheering for us
A horse-drawn coach awaits, fairy-tale style.

Chris and I have lots of babies
We’re the couple paparazzi love to harrass
We lived happily ever after
Or however long a celebrity marriage lasts

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

11 thoughts on “Better Than A Disney Story

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