Sweet & Sour Poetry

I Hope You Can Read The Back Of My Hand Too

On a plane flight home
A good nap is what I need,
But a hyper teenybopper
Wants my palm to read.

Why not, I think to myself
I can take my nap later.
Her little fingers trail the lines
I see her notes on pink paper.

“You have a long, deep life line.”
Hello ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’
“You will have a successful career.”
But doesn’t know what or where.

“You have a healthy lifestyle.”
She examines my manicure design.
“You tend to be very naive.”
Sweetie, that’s a scar, not a line.

“You will meet your first husband soon.”
My first husband? That’s just great.
“Your second husband will be your soul mate.”
Two marriages, that would be my fate.

“What’s this? How strange… Oh my!”
She freaks out and knocks over her cup.
“You will have a terrible tragedy!”
Embarrassing, that’s a line of ketchup.

“You will have an interesting life.”
She smiles, “There will be lots of luck.”
“Thanks for the palm reading.” I says.
“You’re welcome. Five bucks.”


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