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Do You Like Your Humor Shaken or Stirred?

Ever laughed at something you considered funny but someone else found offensive? And vice versa?

I’ve run into a lot of this in my life. We all have a different sense of humor. This Daily Prompt topic is interesting because the humor of my generation greatly differs from the older generations. Everything is made fun of. With the way the economy has been and the garbage inheritance my generation is going to receive as the older generation retires, we will laugh at anything to forget the hardships we are facing and about to face. Keep in mind that last sentence is an opinion. Yes, I’m guilty of laughing at insensitive topics. Mostly because it catches me off-guard and my laughs consist of “Holy shit?! Did that just happen?” or “Wow, I can’t believe they got away with that!”

I love joking around. Humor is my addiction and laughing is intoxicating. I write a lot of humor into my poetry. It’s how I am. However, I never touch sensitive subjects or intend to offend anyone with my humor but there will always be that one person who will get upset. If I could make the whole world laugh, I would be the comedy goddess. Realistically, that’s not possible. But how cool would it be to have comedy superpowers?

Anywho, I drew all of you a picture on how I feel about humor. Warning: it might be offensive.

Sketch 2013-08-13 13_16_12

6 thoughts on “Do You Like Your Humor Shaken or Stirred?

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