Sweet & Sour Poetry

Molly Greye’s Blog Rap Poetry

Mirror, mirror on my computer screen
Today’s Daily Prompt has me intrigued

Computer, glasses, and cup of coffee
Start of the day for a girl named Molly

As you see, my theme is super dark blue
I think it’s too chill and want to change it soon

I’m working on a novel but believe my writing is weak
So I’ve spent much time learning from bloggers I meet

The intention was to share many short stories
But then I remember how much I love poetries

From humor, personal thoughts, and fantasy
To life experience, drawings, and photography

I like to be funny, maybe crazy
But you’ll never find me ever hazy

So many great bloggers on WordPress I admire
To be one of those great bloggers, I aspire

Daily Prompt when my thoughts are in a jam
Click ‘Add New’ and, like Emeril, I go BAM!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me
Bugs Bunny and I are off to get more coffee



4 thoughts on “Molly Greye’s Blog Rap Poetry

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