Sweet & Sour Poetry

Hey! Those Are My Donuts!

A cop and a robber sit in a police car
And wait quietly at the light.
Suddenly a white flash blazes everywhere
And they panic as it pierces their sight.

When they came to, the cop is handcuffed
The robber is sitting in the driver seat.
When they turned to look at each other
They saw themselves and loudly freak.

The robber hurls himself out of the car
Tripping here and there as he flees.
The cop uses his new muscular figure
And broke the back window with ease.

The robber now cop walks into a station
To take advantage of being a cop.
An angry sheriff pushes him into a chair
“File these reports or lose your job!”

The robber thought this would be worth it
But does not take bullshit from authority
Tossing the papers into the trash, he leaves
Shooting a bird as he goes finds his body

The cop now robber scrambles into an alley
Grumbling about how his situation is bad.
Explaining what happened would be so farfetched
His comrades will assume the robber went mad.

By surprise he bumps into a group of thugs
One of them being a wanted drug dealer.
Apparently he is angry that he robbed him
One of his thugs jumps at him with a cleaver.

The cop ducks and runs as fast as he could
Greatly resenting the switch of his body.
The robber has a very dangerous life
The cop could never do it, not even for money.

The robber hauls ass across a block
Wishes this nightmare would soon end.
The cop is running on the opposite side
And BAM! Both crash into each other’s head.

The impact creates a flash of blinding light
When they came to, they were back to themselves.
As they stood up, they laugh loudly together
And agree they both live in separate hells.

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday


2 thoughts on “Hey! Those Are My Donuts!

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