Sweet & Sour Poetry

The Fire, The Prince, And The Nutcracker

Relaxing at a  small cafe
Enjoying coffee and my book
I hear a loud commotion
So I mark my spot and look

I gawk and hear a cup smash
There’s a person covered in lacquer
Made of wood and colorful paint
He calls himself, “The Nutcracker.”

I firmly believe I’m hallucinating
And grab my stuff to leave
But the strange thing happily
Marches directly toward me

“Why, hello there, beautiful creature.”
His wooden mouth clicked as he spoke
“May you go on a date with me?”
I’m embarrassed and hope it’s a joke.

I politely say no to him
And exit out of the cafe
I hear loud clumps behind me
He follows me like a stray

“Go away!” I shout at him
And jump inside my car
I speed off into traffic
I’m glad my house is far

Late at night I abruptly awake
To the fire alarm blaring off
The room is hot and smoky
My throat burns as I cough

Cursing at my windowless room
I roll over unto the floor
Crawling with eyes burning,
I make my way to the door

My lungs burn and body aches
I am losing myself to the heat
When I am about to give up
I suddenly hear clumping feet

Bursting through the door
The Nutcracker came to save me
Lifting me into his jointless arms
He hustles away very quickly

We have to go downstairs
He wiggles strangely downwards
But fire snatches his wooden legs
And he cries loudly as he burns

Dropping me to the floor,
The fire devours his body
I race out to get help and
Save the one who saved me

Firefighters were at my house
With fire hoses in hand
“Aim the water into the front door!”
They listened to my command

I waited a few minutes
Then I told them to hold back
Running in, I found him and gasped
His body was burnt pitch black

I got help to pull his body out
To the lawn where I cradle his head
“Nutcracker, you idiot.” I sob,
“You came to save me and now you’re dead.”

My tears hit his charred smile
Suddenly his wooden body breaks
I see someone behind the face
And the wood turns into flakes

Soot-covered and handsome
The man is alive and my heart elates
We smile and hug each other
“Now will you let me take you on dates?”

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