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While You Were Theming

Finding the right theme for my blog is like going on dates. When I found my first one, I got a warm fuzzy feeling like I found the one. But as I came across other themes, I realized I deserved more.

Saddened that we had little in common, I parted with my first theme.

My second theme and I had a great relationship. Working together, my theme supported my posts and wonderfully displayed my widgets.
We had a good long relationship but we grew apart. I began writing longer posts and my poor, sweet theme couldn’t keep up. We had a mutual breakup as of today.

Shortly after, a different theme grabbed my attention. I hate to admit it but I might have fallen in love. This theme has amazing qualities I’m looking for.

It’s a new relationship and time will tell on how compatible me and this theme will be.

Now to fix my love/hate relationship with chocolate.


9 thoughts on “While You Were Theming

  1. It’s funny ’cause I’ve just been in a similar situation! In fact, I changed the theme of my blog today, and at the moment I think it fits best with what I post there. Anyway, good luck with your new blog’s theme πŸ™‚ Greetings

  2. I love the new theme! It works great for your posts and writing style. The excerpts on the home page are perfect and the background adds an interesting touch. In all honesty, I can see why you’re in love with this theme.

    I want to find a new theme too. Every time I find “the one” another one pops up that looks even better. I’m on my third theme change too!

    • There were a few other themes I thought about and the ones I really like requires money that I don’t have. Boo…. I hope you will find one that you’ll really like. πŸ™‚

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