Sweet & Sour Poetry

In The Midnight Hour, He Cried “No More! No More! No More!”

A teen boy named Robbie
Couldn’t stand his mother.
She’d nag, nag, and nag;
It was worse for his father.

She yelled at him for anything,
Even his baseball pitch.
His friends were afraid of her;
They agreed she’s a bitch.

One night at dinner,
His mother was having a fit.
The boy left the table because
He was so tired of her shit.

Running out to the yard
He gazed upon the full moon.
He closed his eyes, wishing
His mom stop being a loon.

The next morning before school,
His mother was being very sweet.
Robert was very surprised to see
His mom dressed-up and neat.

She made him breakfast
And readied his book bag.
She packed him some lunch
And never gave him a nag.

Several days later,
Robbie was enjoying the love.
Until his mother started
Going too above and beyond.

She had him dress nicely
Everywhere, even home.
She followed him to the bus stop
And made her presence known.

Robbie became embarrassed
Of his mother’s constant glee.
She babied him all the time
And never let him be.

She showed his friends baby pictures
And started pinching his cheeks.
She embarrassed him in front of his crush;
His friends picked on him for weeks.

When the next full moon came,
Robbie never thought he’d say.
“Please moon,” He pleaded,
“I miss my mom her old way.”

Waking up the next morning,
His mother remained the same.
Sad and regretting his wish,
Robbie hung his head with shame.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.
“I miss the way you used to be.”
“Why do you say that?”
He sighed, “You weren’t so clingy.”

“I thought this is what you wanted.”
He looked at her confused.
“I heard your wish last month
So I figured I’d have you amused.”

His mother began to tear up,
“I’m sorry for being cruel to you.
You were the target of my temper.
And I have lots of making up to do.”

From then on out,
His mother worked on her temper.
Although she did have her moments,
Robbie no longer wished for better.

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10 thoughts on “In The Midnight Hour, He Cried “No More! No More! No More!”

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  2. Pingback: Do I really have a dark side? | Rob's Surf Report

  3. I’m glad you can relate and at the same time, I’m sorry if you had a rough time with your family. Both my mom and I have dominant personalities, therefore, she and I argue a lot. Sometimes for fun, and sometimes like She-Hulks. Thank you for enjoying my post as well as stopping by 🙂

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