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Hello Facebook, I See You Have Changed As Usual

Well, it was going to happen eventually.

I re-activated my Facebook account.

Woo hoo! Yippee! Booyakah!… Yeah, I’m just kidding. I’m not overly excited about having my account up and running again, but I have several good reasons for returning to it:

1. All of the clubs at my school use Facebook to post events and meetings. The activities are very fun and I don’t want to miss them.

2. I have missed keeping up with my friends, but as an actual friend. Not as a therapist, kiss ass, or to compare my life with theirs.

3. I want to return to advertising my blog to the Facebook world.

4. To get Candy Crush tickets. The hell if I am going to pay actual money just to play a few more levels. It’s not the same as Angry Birds.

My number one reason for leaving Facebook in the first place was that I was allowing myself to take bullshit from ‘friends.’ After taking a month and a half off, I’ve realized I shouldn’t have let them rent space in my head. My ‘friends’ and their Facebook persona may act like badasses or drama queens, but when they are faced in person, they become another person and even act cowardly. I finally started not giving a damn. Who needs people like that?

And with that, this chick is throwing an “un-friending” party! Let the mass removal of drama folks begin!!!

2 thoughts on “Hello Facebook, I See You Have Changed As Usual

  1. I love how honest you were with #3 because dammit they trap you into needing to be a part of social media to crush some stupid candy. I wish I wasn’t so connected and attached to such a stupid game of candy I’d rather devour than crush.

    • HAHAHA! As I read your comment, I realized I’ve forgotten how to count. I’ve fixed that boo boo. I thought I could avoid playing Candy Crush in this lifetime but I let my friend talk me into it. Next thing I know, I have signed my soul away to the Candy Crush Devil.

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