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I’ve Been VBA’d!

A big thank you to Marcy Calabrese and Snigdha Nautiyal – Blue Loft for nominating me for Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out their pages! I promise you will not be disappointed.

I can’t describe how amazing it feels to be nominated for it again and to my surprise, twice! Therefore, I am going share fourteen, instead of seven, things about me and I will make a separate post for the thirty blogs/bloggers I plan to nominate.

14 Things About Molly Greye:

1. I hate pickles. I hate the way they look, smell, feel, taste, and even sound when someone is eating them.

2. I love to exercise. My latest exercise craving is TurboFire. Charlene knows how to kick my ass into shape. Let me tell you it looks bootylicious now.

3. Penguins are my favorite animals.

4. By some miracle over two months ago, I am no longer allergic to peanut butter (it used to break me out into rashes). Hello Snickers, Reese’s, peanut butter cheesecake, pb and j sandwiches, and so many more!

5. I am obsessed with the TV show, Mad Men. Stan is so sexy with his beard.

6. My favorite color is green.

7. When I was 21, I was the youngest store manager for a corporation I worked for. That job led me into studying business.

8. I love beating boys on video games and laugh when they cuss me out.

9. My current favorite beer is Redd’s Apple Ale, and it tastes like carbonated apple juice. Lord help me.

10. When I was fourteen, my family moved into a new house and there were a bunch of same-age boys in the area. One came by the house to introduce himself to me and came off as a very nice guy. Well, when he was about to leave, he asked for a hug. I wanted a handshake instead because I wasn’t big on hugging at the time. During the handshake, he tried to pull me into him and BAM! I kicked him in the nuts. He became the laughing stock for weeks for being such a dumbass.

11. If I could be any comic book character, I would be Catwoman so I could have some ‘bow chicka wow wow’ time with Batman.

12. The only sport I like to play was softball. I am terrible at it but I prefer it over soccer and basketball.

13. I can never keep my room clean. I think there is a goblin that throws parties in my room when I am out. Yeah, I blame it on the party goblin.

14. Last but not least, I love socializing with people on WordPress more than I do on Facebook. I have a better connection here and it feel great to meet people I have in common with. 🙂

Stay awesome, WP friends!

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been VBA’d!

  1. I had blogs here at WP since they handed out The Golden Tickets, but I didn’t realize what kind of amazing community there was till just this summer. Congrats on the award.

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