Sweet & Sour Poetry

It’s Not A Hard-Knock, But An Awesome-Knock Life

“And here she is, Molly,
Our main attraction.
Glenn Miller start playing.
Okay, ready, set, action!”

I decided to star myself
Always wanted to be a celebrity.
Kellan Lutz plays my boyfriend
Oh my gosh he’s so sexy.

My life would be a musical
I’d live singing and dancing
While I’m getting dressed
I’m going around prancing

I’d sing about my dreams,
Adventures, my blog, and coffee.
Cute kittens, ice cream
TV shows, and more coffee.

I’d sing about school,
My friends and rivalries
The Salvatore brothers
On The Vampire Diaries

I’ll dance to swing toward school
To work and even down the street
Add some jitterbug and hip-hop
But no dancing when I eat

Tango during steamy scenes
With Kellan, my super hottie.
It won’t compare to ‘Fifty Shades’
But it’ll be rated R for naughty.

Molly, the silly superstar,
What a fun world to pretend
Sing a farewell song to all
And air the credits. THE END!

Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

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