Of Love and Lies (Unofficial title) chapters

He Tried, Really Tried, But It Hurt Too Much

My favorite short story I’ve written for WP so far. This is based on a dream I had a few months ago. It’s about learning to love again and the only obstacle in the way is yourself.

Molly Greye


It’s been a while since I logged one of my dreams and the one I have in mind to share happened a few nights ago. I was going to ignore it but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The after-effects of the dream really impacted me in my waking life, even to now.

Here’s my dream:

Midnight approaches in a corner of a city that actually sleeps. The night sky has been censored by the exhausted storm. Everything is either black, white, or in-between. Walking down a drenched sidewalk from hour-old rain, the clicks of my high-heels echo between buildings where no other soul, but me, scurry along to get home.

Along the block, street light poles expose me as I hustle, careful not to trip over myself. A cool wind forecasts more rain and I hug my trench coat closer to me. I make a sharp turn around a…

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