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The Business of Helping Others

Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause

We, the people, are growing
And need money to survive.
I’d assist in creating more jobs
By helping businesses revive.

I’ve studied the economy,
Financial and cost accounting.
I’m experienced in management,
Promotions, and advertising.

I want to help store owners
Revamp their public appearance,
Build a new business strategy,
And ready their reappearance.

Financial records would be checked
All the way to the last cent,
Determine how to increase profit,
And ways to reduce their expense.

All employees and managers would be
Spending most of the time training,
Learning more about their product or service,
And which target market they are aiming.

No need to be like Bar Rescue,
Tattoo Rescue or Kitchen Nightmares.
I want to assist without a TV crew
Getting into everyone’s affairs.

The goal is to see businesses expand
And hire more people for work.
There will be no need for desperation
Like Miley Cyrus and her ‘twerk.’

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16 thoughts on “The Business of Helping Others

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  5. question…Is not the current economic model unsustainable? Or is it just a pyramid scheme with money flowing to the top instead of cascading downward… I think we need a system that is not founded on greed. Jobs alone will not help if the jobs added are at the bottom end of the pay scale and as long as profitability is the primary concern there will always be cost cutting measures and the easiest of them is to the workforce.

    • When opening a business, profit is always the ideal goal. It’s the business that decides on how they want to spend their profit. Corporations, like Enron and WorldCom, have negatively altered the view of business and profit.

      Since the 2008 economic recession, research has shown that the businesses who survived were because of their employees. Since then, many organizations have been making employee satisfaction one of their main goals. They give their employees more benefits, fun breaks, and other awards for their hard work. The happier the employees, the more productive they are which means more profit that the business can spend on their employees. This goes to any type of business, from locally own to global.

      My goal is to help local businesses because I used to work in one and I enjoyed the connection I had with the staff. We were like family and we worked hard to support the business we ran together. I also find local businesses create a friendlier atmosphere for customers. I used to work for a corporation who could care less about their employees and because of that, they got rated as one of the Worst Companies to Work for. Their turnover rate was ridiculously high and it did affect their business. I got promoted faster at the local store than I did working for the corporate store because I was happy with what I was doing and became really good at it.

      Thank you for stopping by and presenting a good question 🙂

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