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A Rock Walks into A Bar

Hm… a rock… The Rock… Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Whoa! Let me wipe the drool off my face. Excuse me for letting myself get carried away.

Speaking of self, the question of the day asks, “Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely on yourself?

Select the best answer:
1. Help! I need somebody!*
2. I’m Batman!
3. I get by with a little help from my friends.**

My answer: #3.

The same question asks, “Why?”

Well, I tried being Miss 100% Independent only for it to come back and bite me in the ass. If Wonder Woman had her weak moments, I certainly couldn’t pretend I was invulnerable from them. The first step was accepting that I do need some help. The second step, which I consider the most difficult, was to personally ask for help from someone.

Nowadays, when I do need help, I drop my pride and ask my closest friends and family. I’m capable of cooking my own dinners, but I need help cooking steaks. I can change the oil in my car, but I need help changing the brake pads. I prefer to study on my own until I get stuck and then I will get help from tutor. So on and so forth.

The moral of the story: I found a new pick-up line. “Could you help a girl out?”

*Help! by The Beatles
** With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

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18 thoughts on “A Rock Walks into A Bar

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  4. Awesome! I must admit that sometimes I like to try with a little help from my friends as well. They help me get higher scores in Rock Band! 🙂

    P.S. A post with Beatles’ quotes always makes me smile!

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  8. I’d be a lil surprised if you changed your own brake pads. My family has a mixed-up problem with asking for help. My mother is an Amazon feminist, and my dad is an angry mime. We like to think we all can do things ourselves and want it done our way. But, we also realize we are ill-equipped often enough that we need help, and it’s usually a pain to ask. Everyone around me talks behind another’s back. The news talks about so many reasons not to trust anyone. Thus, it’s hard for me to ask a stranger for help. It’s just as hard to deal with family. Don’t even ask me about friends.

    Can you cook rock (or stone) soup? How’s that for incorporating two aspects of your post?:P

    • I know of plenty of angry mimes in my family. Trust is definitely the issue that kept me from confiding into people. For the longest time, I didn’t tell anyone I needed help because of people who took advantage of my weak moment. I finally kicked that baggage to the curb not too long ago and asked help from my friends and family who have a good trust record.

      I love that you brought up the kid’s book, Stone Soup. Now I wish I had remembered it and added it to my opening. 🙂

      • I don’t know anyone locally with a good trust record…or, at least, none come to mind too quickly. Most of my immediate family has burned me at least once or twice if not more. And, relatives are like carnival games. You might knock down all the cans…or you might miss completely and wonder what just happened.

        Well, I seem to be scoring a few points with you already:) So, you know the book.

  9. Stone Soup was one of the first books I understood in English. Spanish was my original language and I had to take Spanish – English classes during elementary school. Berenstain Bears and Dr. Suess books were the main ones I read as a munchkin.

    • I have a Charlie Brown/Peanuts book in Spanish my sis gave me. I took 2 years of Spanish in high school. Not enough to master it. I chase Spanish women it seems. They are like shooting stars in my life. Always drifting out of my solar system as fast as I find them…except for one strange comet that stalks me but never steps out of the shadows.

      Berenstein Bears? UGH! Not Dr. Seuss! Those will drive you batty. Great for toddler text books to teach words. But, not for grasping English writing/reading skills.

      I think my first books were “A Duck Is a Duck” and “Pat the Pixy”. Other than that, I didn’t exactly have story time with my folks growing up. I didn’t see books again until first grade when we had short stories in text books. When school had library time, I didn’t look for something to read. I looked for the big textbooks on dinosaurs with the awesome painted pictures:D I could ogle those for hours. They inspired my first book around the age of 7…”How the World Was Made”. A whole 15 pages or less stapled together with big pictures and one or two lines each page.

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