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I’ll Give It To You Straight

My wonderful hair straightener! It has been there for me through school, social events, and business meetings.

My wonderful hair straightener! It has been there for me through school, social events, and business meetings.

When packing for a trip, everyone makes sure to collect their essentials and other items used on the daily basis. Most, if not all, of the hygienic stuff are bagged up. Favorite outfits, shoes, underwear, hats, bra, etc. are also added, either neatly folded or crammed in there.

Then there is the one item to rule them all. The one item that travelers and vacationers make sure they pack to take with them and brought back. The loss of such highly valued item has been known to wreck vacations and cancel trips. Even satisfied vacationers have returned home disgruntled because they have misplaced their luxurious item.

 My luxury item I can’t live without: my hair straightener.


Yes, you heard me correctly. My hair straightener. Here are my two reasons:

1. My hair is literally a hairy mess. My head is divided into different sections of curly, straight, and wavy hair. There is absolutely no consistency! Chewbacca’s fur is perfectly styled compared to mine. My parents’ chromosomes definitely pulled a permanent prank on me. I’ve never had a good hair day without some assistance. My hair is my nemesis and my straightener is the sword I wield to tame that beast.

2. My second reason is for public appearance. How can I be seen as a professional marketer if my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket? Having good hygiene and appearance in a business field is very important to me. It’s a cut-throat world. I have seen executives’ negative reactions when they see a girl with uncombed hair. They see it as “if she can’t take care of her appearance, how can she take care of ours?” It’s sad but true and nerve-wrecking at the same time. Until I open my business, I have to play ‘The Business Game.’

Anywho, I love, love, love my hair straightener. It makes me feel super confident about myself when my hair is nice and even. I love it so much… that I would stop drinking coffee for it. Now that, my friends, is true love.

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2 thoughts on “I’ll Give It To You Straight

  1. I was in a cell phone store right after Hurricane Sandy. A young lady came in and asked if she could plug into a socket for some juice. A lot of people had lost electricity, so we figured she wanted to charge a phone. Would you believe she plugged in a hair straightener and did her hair right in the store. She had a date and wasn’t going without her do done. LOL

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