Sweet & Sour Poetry

Don’t Mess With My Emotions, Woman!

“We’re pregnant!” the phone screams.
I nearly crash the car into a ditch
“We..We’re pregnant?” I stutter
My right eye begins to twitch

“Yes!” The wife says ecstatically
“I’ve been dying to have more babies.”
My heart sinks to into my stomach
I barely swerve away from some trees.

“We can talk more when you get home.”
She finished with a “I love you, honey!”
My jaw still hangs when the phone call ends
Where are we going to find the money?

We already have two amazing kids
I didn’t expect my wife to want more.
How long has she been wanting one?
Did she mention it before?

Strange appetites and mood swings
Crushed hands from labor pain
Baggy eyes from sleepless nights
Drinking coffee to keep sane.

The excitement in her voice
Will the clothes be pink or blue?
Despite my fears and concerns
I think I’m excited about the baby too.

I’m greeted with a smile
By my wife when I run home
I rub her stomach gently
Wondering when we’ll see a dome.

She looks at me confused
And then erupts into a laugh
“I’m not the one pregnant.” She says
I feel a cramp in my calf

“Then how are we pregnant?”
My wife gives me some back scrubs
“We’re going to be god parents.
Our lab is having pups.”

Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

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