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Hello Again, Friends

Hello friends!

My last blog entry was in November 2013. Hot damn, it’s been a long time since I posted something. 

Well, let’s catch up! I’m currently a co-owner of a four-month-old retail store with a cafe that is still under construction. It’s quite a feat but it was hard as hell to start and still hard to keep going. It’s like having a baby except the joys weren’t immediate (renovations) and it needs to eat a lot (money) and it shits a lot (bills). Lucky the demand is there. It’s just a matter of marketing the store and getting the word out there. 

Despite all that, I’m very proud of that store. It’s beautiful. I show it off more than parents who show off pictures of their new born baby. Maybe. That might be debatable. But I try to compete. Four months in and I hope we can survive that first scary year. It’s absolutely intimidating.

Other that than, I still try to have some fun in my life. When this thing called spare time decides to pay me a visit. Reading books have been a wonderful escape. I do miss exercising. I’ve gain weight in places that are flattering and not so flattering. 

I’m going to try and get back to writing. It’s been the best relief. I miss storytelling. I miss expressing myself. 

Plus I miss chatting with you all! So let’s get reacquainted 🙂

Love, Molly 


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