Brain Farts

It’s So Easy, A Baby Can Do It!

Ever since my boyfriend and I opened a business together, I knew I needed to make sure I took some time for myself and do some stress-free hobbies and activities. Otherwise, I would be aging much faster than my baby face can handle.

Originally, any extra time I had been able to scrounge up would have been used on reading a book, hanging with some friends, or to catch up on my TV shows. But none of these activities were allocated any time and if they did, it was very little. The winner of my free time is napping. Yep, nap time is now my favorite pastime. Whether it’s on my bed, on the couch, or even in my boyfriend’s truck, I will nap.

Weird, I know, but let me put it to you this way: Being awake from 6am to 1am, mostly not by choice, eats me alive. When my body, mind, and soul is constantly filled with stress and adrenaline, taking a nap to shut out the world is the most amazing thing for me to do in order to relax. Best part is people are less likely to bother you while you are sleeping verses reading or watching a TV show.

A common thing people tell me is that I need a better sleep schedule. Well, when you own a brand-new business that needs constant attention like a newborn baby, then tell me again about adjusting my sleep schedule. In the meantime, I’m catching my Zzzs when I can.


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