Sweet & Sour Poetry

Nothing Manlier Than American Football

Helmets, body pads, and cleatsPig skins and lacesWeeks of training campsMemorizing strategies and plays Only so many are recruitedTalent and skills are a mustStrong bodies ready for a fightReady to storm that 100-yard field Thousands travel to supportTailgating, jerseys, and war paintFrom poster boards to costumesWe cheer and shout for our beloved team Tackle and … Continue reading

Brain Farts

Ermehgawd! Finally!

Yippee! Woohoo! Whooray! Booyakah!!! Why the excitement? What you see before you is my story outline for the novel I have been working on. I’ve grown so tired of trying to remember all the awesome events and character build-up that I needed a solution. I tried typing it up but it grew frustrating because I … Continue reading